This page lists usernames of various websites as well as signatures of various cryptographic keys.

If you have reason to believe someone is trying to impersonate me, please contact me right away.

You can verify the validity of this page by viewing it in the Google cache or the Wayback machine. A detached GnuPG signature of this document is available available here.

Accounts on websites

Any account on any website that is not listed here (or under deprecated), should be considered an impersonation - please contact me right away!

Facebook: No, I don't have Facebook. If you find an account that looks like it belongs to me it is most certainly an impersonation!
Some websites I barely use. Don't expect too much activity here, but feel free to add me to your Network:

SSH keys

SSH keys used to connect to remote machines. I use unique keys for every host.


My primary GPG key (download) is used for most emails and Jabber/XMPP connections:

A second GnuPG key (download): is used on some remote hosts. Since its more likely that the host is compromised, less trust should be given to this (and it is hence only valid for at most a year).


A short, certainly incomplete list of stuff I don't use anymore:

About this homepage

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